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Last modified: March 24 2005.
VoX is an acronym for Voice eXchange.

VoX is a nifty command-line based tool that is used to encode speech files using a repository.


The repository is created using a training file that contains a phonetically balanced speech of the trainer. This speech must be presented to the tool in Microsoft Wave format, recorded at 8KHz., with 16 bits per sample. The repository contains pieces of the trainer's voice and certain parameters associated with those pieces. The repository thus, represents the speech profile of a person. This profile is identified by the email-id of the creator.


At present only those messages that are in Microsoft Wave format can be encoded. The message must be recorded at 8KHz., with 16 bits per sample. The message is then encoded into a coded binary file.


For the decoder to decode the message, the sender's repository must be available at the receiver's end.The output of the decoder is the reconstructed message in Microsoft Wave format sampled at 8KHz., with 16 bits per sample.





Future Scope:

VoX is registered under GNU Public Licence (GPL). More info can be obtained on the project page.